tone – the language of graphic design

tone – the language of graphic design


tone ‘tön n : a colour quality, tint or shade of colour

as a graphic designer and in visual communications in general, tone means the degree of lightness or darkness apparent on the surface of an object. our everyday lives are so dominated by colour and visual stimulus that understanding the effect colours and tones have on our ability to absorb information and how it makes us feel.

as a creative agency (and with our talented graphic designers), our role is to help choose the right colour palettes both for the medium and the message to accurately reflect your brand and communicate your who/what/where/why/how/when.


hot soup media is a creative agency, headquartered in Vancouver BC and provides graphic design, website design, AD design and branding services to our clients. hot soup media has the people, the processes, the tools, the knowledge and the intuition to be the ideal business/agency partner for your [company, campaign, vision, brand, product, service]


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