the language of graphic design

the language of graphic design


one of the biggest learning curves within a creative agency would be how we communicate internally. the main reason – graphic designers, web developers, production staff, project management and lead creative – all think very differently, have very different workflows and processes – and people in those roles are wired very differently.

so we thought it might be fun to share some of the different languages used in each department and perhaps provide you with some ideas for your own projects!

we will start with graphic design, then web development and then production. the other departments don’t really use very polite language…


hot soup media is a creative agency, headquartered in Vancouver BC and provides graphic design, website design, AD design and branding services to our clients. hot soup media has the people, the processes, the tools, the knowledge and the intuition to be the ideal business/agency partner for your [company, campaign, vision, brand, product, service]

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