the greatest marketing myth of today…

the greatest marketing myth of today…


“Lean Marketing”, “Minimum Viable Product”, “ Zero Dollar Marketing Campaigns”, and countless other analogies that allude to the idea that you don’t have to spend a penny on marketing to grow your business.


Right now you may be attempting to argue the point by listing off the incredible list of names and companies that have proven otherwise.


The root of the issue is how people define marketing and for most people, marketing= paid advertising. plain and simple.

based on this extremely narrow definition, then yes, you can absolutely grow your business without advertising.

but you can not execute a $0 marketing budget UNLESS you are lucky enough to have volunteers running your organization who fully donate their time, knowledge and talent without any form of compensation.

the majority of those claiming astounding results with a $0 marketing budget are fooling themselves. the truth is they have full time staff managing their social media, full time staff hitting the phones for their PR and full time staff managing their website(s) and brand touch points.

what they fail to realize is that every single dollar of their salaries, bonuses, share options, benefits, etc.. all count towards the marketing budget.

on the end of the scale, you have larger, well financed organizations augmenting their in-house staff with talented AD, creative and marketing agencies that allow them to unlock their full potential.

if you have a $0 marketing budget. you have $0 in revenue. guaranteed.

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