hot soup for your businesses’ soul

hot soup for your businesses’ soul


 you have a vision to [grow/expand/improve]. all that is missing is a creative agency to help. oh, and financing would be nice too!

in a perfect world with unlimited time and an unlimited budget – we would all be unstoppable forces. but alas, we live in the current world and we all must balance what we wish to do, with what we can afford to do.

in Canada, we are constantly shocked and disappointed with the lack of awareness of what the BDC has to offer businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes. they want to give you money – and relatively cheap money too.

we share the view that Canadian businesses, especially in BC – just don’t get the value that hiring a marketing/creative/AD/digital agency brings to the table. if you were truly serious about achieving your goals – you would not try and do it yourself. YOU are in the business of making/servicing “widgets” – you went to school to learn about and have experience in making/servicing “widgets”. you live and breathe and practice “widgets” every day.

that is why people value you, your team and your brand.


the BDC understands this core concept so deeply, that they have established a funding program solely around helping you hire the right talent, knowledge and support to help you grow within your  market, expand to new (bigger?) markets and implement your 2014 growth strategies.

to learn more about how the BDC can help finance/fund your marketing campaign and how hot soup media can help you execute – please view our 1 pager here.


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texture – the language of graphic design

texture – the language of graphic design


tex·ture ‘teks-cher n : the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something.

texture is defined as the look and feel of any surface and can be smooth, rough, soft or hard. a visual effect that adds richness and dimension to any visual composition and is seen and experienced by touch or interpreted visually. as a graphic designer, we can describe textures as flat, shiny, glossy, glittery, velvety, wet, feathery, gooey, furry, sandy, leathery, furry, cracked, prickly, abrasive, puffy, bumpy, corrugated, rusty, slimy…all with the intent of trying to achieve a sense of emphasis of emotion or energy within a layout and/or design.


hot soup media is a creative agency, headquartered in Vancouver BC and provides graphic design, website design, AD design and branding services to our clients. hot soup media has the people, the processes, the tools, the knowledge and the intuition to be the ideal business/agency partner for your [company, campaign, vision, brand, product, service]


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