designing a great website – step 6

designing a great website – step 6


 developing the technical design

for some reason, this is where a lot of website design conversations begin…and often how an amateur will approach your website and online marketing needs.

technology is a tool to leverage and/or execute on an idea – TECHNOLOGY IS NOT THE IDEA.

if you the web design agency, company or team that you are meeting with starts the conversation with buzzwords like WordPress, HTML5, Responsive, AJAX, PHP,e-commerce, CMS, SEO, XML, JSON, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Python, Drupal, Joomla, and any other odd combination of letters and numbers – kindly thank them for their time and move on.

a great website building team, company, agency always chooses the best technology for each specific project. what YOUR goals are, what YOUR website’s purpose is and what content will be shared – determine how to best choose, implement and leverage different technologies – NOT what the developer is only comfortable with.

how good is the fanciest and smartest phone – without any sort of network/internet connection?


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