designing a great website – step 3

designing a great website – step 3


define structure

the most common misstep in planning, designing and developing a new website is thinking that content is the last step. content is critical. content is the reason your audience wants to engage with your brand online. content is why your marketing efforts drew them in. before any concepts are developed, before any layouts are approved – your content plan needs to be outlined and the relationship between all of your content needs to be mapped out.

once you have defined and logical relationships – not based on your company’s hierarchy or department structure – but based on how your audience will be interacting and engaging with your website(s). this takes thought and insight – this is what separates “web designers” you will find on craigslist and web design & web development teams that work within creative agencies.

deciding on technology and feature sets – all depend on the content you plan to have online, so worry more about web specific content and less about wether your website will be responsive, running wordpress, use HTML5, JQuery and yada yada yada – if you hire a great digital agency and web design team, they will show you all of the cool things your website could do.

there is a difference – and your marketing ROI will show it.


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