designing a great website – step 2

designing a great website – step 2


build groundwork

step 1 was about establishing core guidelines as well as laying out some initial assumptions. for a web designer, u/x designer and developer assumptions help map out ideas, but the key to building a great website is actually testing those assumptions.

we all would like to believe that our businesses are truly unique and there are no competitors that could do what we do. 99.99% of the time this is the first assumption that is thrown in to the bin. a critical activity in website design and development is a competitive audit – which means establishing a peer group to baseline against. what is often overlooked is including ideas and benchmarks from other industries who engage with the same target audience.

the reason why most successful companies enlist a creative web design agency is to provide unbiased and objective feedback/evaluation of the existing site and to revisit the goals and objectives.

this is also technology is explored as well as sources of content and resources for ongoing site maintenance.


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designing a great website – step 1

designing a great website – step 1


a company’s website should quickly answer: “who is this company?” “why does anyone need to know?” and “what’s in it for me?”.

every well designed site begins with clearly established goals (business goals, brand education goals and communication goals) and from those goals establish a set of priorities that will allow you to define success.

the key to being able to measure success is identifying key audiences and defining key messages that will reinforce brand positioning.

both the agency (website design team) and you (client team) should dedicate people to the project team to manage the development and organization of content/assets, review proofs and concepts and compare progress against priorities and the project brief.


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