tension – the language of graphic design

tension – the language of graphic design


ten·sion ‘ten(t)-shen n : a balance maintained in artistic work between opposing styles and elements

the principle of tension (not between YOU and the graphic designer, company or creative agency) in visual communications is critical to effective graphic design. tension is primarily a visual, as well as psychological, attention-getting tactic. for a creative director on an AD campaign as well as the graphic designer and artist – this difficult balance is maintained between opposing formal elements, often causing anxiety, stress, angst, or excitement, exuberance and joy for the viewer.

this is why we generally loathe using stock photography for anything other than story-boarding or proof of concepts. we can have the greatest concept and design execution on an AD, in marketing materials or brand touch points – but if the visual does capture the necessary emotion and achieve an accurate balance – everything falls apart.


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a strategy vs. a tactic

business school 101 – social media is not a stategy. advertising is not a strategy. brochures are not a strategy. a promotion is not a strategy.

these are all tactics used to execute on a strategy.

if you don’t have a strategy linking all of your tactics, and if your strategy does not strengthen your brand and align with your vision – ALL YOU HAVE IS NOISE.

want your AD campaign, your marketing/communication material and your social media channels to really stand out…?

have a f$%&#*! strategy first.


hot soup media is a creative agency providing branding, graphic + web design & advertising services to clients looking to launch new ideas, campaigns, products and services, recapture the imagination of their customer or enter new markets and opportunities.

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