How to Survive A Google Update

How to Survive A Google Update

Digital marketers and advertisers rely on Google far more than we like to admit. But in its quest to stay on top of it all, Google is always changing things. And it’s up to us to weather the storm, adjust our approach, and move on.

 What Are Some Recent Google Updates?

The latest SEO update saw Google underlining the importance of Google+ for marketers for SEO purposes. It is more important than ever to ensure your Google+ page is integrated with your website and that any content marketing efforts are being shared here as Google will give priority to those they see using their platform.

Around Thanksgiving Google began to role out new changes to how Quality Scores are determined for SEM, becoming more rigid surrounding keywords appearing in your ad as well as on your landing page.

*For those outside the Alphabet Soup of marketing, SEO and SEM refer to search ads, or search engine marketing. SEO is organic while SEM is paid.

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 How Can I Stay On Top Of Changes?

Always start by going to the source: Google itself. Their blog can be found here:

Keep an eye on the annual Google Keynote and do your best to make the time to watch or follow the major news points. This will give you an idea of the changes that will be coming in the next year.

For further information, follow other industry leaders on Twitter. There is a great community online that is coping with the same issues you are.

 What Is The Best Way to React To a Google Update?

With both of the recent updates it was important to react as quickly as possible to ensure your website could be easily found in organic search rankings (and so that all those amazing blog posts you’ve been writing get the credit they deserve). It was also important to react quickly to ensure that your search campaigns were delivering properly and not being overcharged.

When it comes to AdWords campaigns, it is always better to be safe than sorry; it is better to loose a couple of days of advertising time while you work on integrating all your keywords into your landing page rather than have campaigns running that Google does not determine are quality.

In the rare cases you have picked up advance notice of an upcoming change (for example during the Keynote) you can start implementing those changes in advance and celebrate being proactive!

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