space – the language of graphic design

space – the language of graphic design


space ‘späs n : a limited canvas in one, two, or three dimensions: distance, area, volume

as graphic designers and as a creative graphic design company – space is an essential design element in all visual communications. unlike other important elements such as line, shape, form, colour and texture – space cannot be placed or located in a layout or design. space refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below or within all elements.

when clients see initial proofs, ideas and layouts they constantly feel the need to pack in more text, details and “noise” – not realizing that they are detracting from their message rather than adding to. as an experienced graphic design company, one of our critical roles is to help our clients understand what will make their touch points more effective at communicating, more visually appealing and more memorable.


hot soup media is a creative agency, headquartered in Vancouver BC and provides graphic design, website design, AD design and branding services to our clients. hot soup media has the people, the processes, the tools, the knowledge and the intuition to be the ideal business/agency partner for your [company, campaign, vision, brand, product, service]


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