Building a Coach

Jason Hervey is an elite triathlon coach with a regular-guy background. TRI-TRAIN is his multi-faceted triathlon coaching business. Jason’s many coaching certifications, and his friendly, balanced, and focused approach appeal to recreational and serious athletes alike.

Our relationship with Jason hinges on one word: adaptability.

Our initial intent was to launch a new brand, but as the discovery process progressed, we realized that a better approach would be to build out the existing TRI-TRAIN brand. We refocused our energies and re-imagined the work we had already done, to apply to his existing coaching business.


After an in-depth branding process,

we created new, polished marketing materials, and designed and implemented a content marketing and PR strategy, and a digital ad campaign.

We also refurbished the TRI-TRAIN website, adding appointment booking, class registration, an event calendar and a blog to serve as a platform for Jason to share his personality and expertise.