grow your business with hot soup media


right product + right time + right message

once your business is established, it can be difficult to see where you should go next.

hot soup media can help you take that objective step back (but never backwards).

let us show you what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better. we’ll help you reach out to the people who need your products or services, and let them know who you are and what you can offer them.


how hot soup can help:

  • marketing strategies
    craft the right strategies to align with overall business objectives to ensure the creative is executed to perfection
  • product development
    looking to launch a new product or service or enter a new market? we hope you don’t practice copy and paste.
  • engagement strategies
    have you ever wondered why the “consumer” has to be loyal to the business….should it not be the other way around.

…and much more!

about hot soup media

hot soup media is a creative agency working mostly out of vancouver, calgary & toronto. we provide clients with branding, graphic design, web design and ad design services. we’ve worked with clients in every shape, size and industry. we focus on process, practice and talent – rather than fancy offices and high overhead costs.

hot soup media has found a way to balance logical and creative processes. that means we know how to visually improve your branding and marketing materials, but also that time is money (and not just any money, it’s your money).

let’s talk. if you like our ideas, then let’s get to work.

we have talented artists (graphic designers), we have technical wizards (web developers), we have wordsmiths (copywriters), and we have evil geniuses (marketing experts). all we need are more great clients.


contact hot soup media today

Vancouver – 778 650 0090
Toronto – 647 360 4755
Calgary – 587 317 8868
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