designing a great website – step 7

designing a great website – step 7


finalize development

when you are working with an experienced web design team or creative agency, they always recommend a content freeze when you are finalizing the development of your new website. this helps for smoother and faster production of screen graphics, HTML files, page templates (if applicable) – as your goal should be to get to beta testing as soon as possible.

once the beta site is approved, it should be released to a select user group within the organization as well as participating audience members to perform quality tests, user tests and generate a list of necessary revisions and bug fixes.

build in the time to test – treat your website and online marketing campaign as a “physical product” – develop the working prototype and fine tune it before shipping it out. the beauty of the digital age and actually working with a talented website building team – is that digital touch points such as websites – are organic and evolve continuously. (where as a physical product may go through a scheduled and fixed upgrade cycle every 24-36 months – or even less often)


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