designing a great website – step 5

designing a great website – step 5


 create a visual design

for you the client – this is usually the fun part, where you finally get to see layouts for key screens, website navigation ideas, colour palettes, visual effects and ways to integrate media. when you work with a website design company, or creative agency that knows what it is doing – you have a site structure that is based on content, not screen design – which helps ensure that your visual design and user experience meets visitor expectations, communicates clearly (and visually) and is of course easy to use and intuitive for your audience.

this is also the stage where you begin planning how different areas of your website and how content will act on different screens (responsive design) – which helps ensure that visitors have an appropriate and unique experience on each platform, while achieving key strategic objectives (building awareness, selling a product/service, educating, informing).


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