designing a great website – step 4

designing a great website – step 4


 preparing content

there are many benefits to working with a creative agency, digital agency or actual web design companies – over freelancers. one of those key benefits is providing your web or online marketing project with insight and knowledge on more than “just design” and “just development” (coding).

one area of insight in planning, designing and building a great website, whether it be for a short term campaign, a corporate website or a product/service website, is to identify and create web specific copy and content. by now, you have established an internal team to work with your chosen creative or digital agency (or website company) and you can establish an editorial workflow that starts by organizing content, looking within your organization for unique content and having the agency rewrite the copy specifically for the web.

(it is also important to have someone from legal review the copy and content going on your website.)

at this point you will have a clear vision of what content needs to be created and you can allow your selected creative team commission this new content which could be copy and/or visual and media assets.

this makes perfect sense when you think about how your organization is built – you have people that have specific skills, educations and abilities into roles where they can flourish and deliver the best results – rather than trying to force an accountant, to also be a sales person, or a sales person to manage a supply chain.


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