We Are Definitely Not Above Offering Bribes to Get Your Attention.

$2,500* Just for You to Meet with Us.

Our bribe is simple.

Invite us in to pitch on a project that you are looking to hire a creative partner for and let us show you what we create together.

If by some miracle, you don’t think we are the right digital advertising partner for you – *we will provide your team with $2,500 to allocate as in-kind service to a non-profit or charity of your choosing. Hopefully it will be something that is close to your team’s heart and important to your community and audience.

All The Fine Print is HERE.

The $2,500 bribe of in-kind services has no cash value and will cover design (graphic, web, advertising), marketing consulting, branding, content marketing, SEO and any other time-based services we offer and that can be of value to the receiving organization.

When we meet with the group receiving our bribe, we will work with them to outline a scope and deliverable list that maximizes the value of our bribe and may choose to increase the value of the work we donate in-kind.

The receiving group cannot be a for-profit business, or generate revenue that supports someone’s income. Basically, we just don’t want to be taken advantage of.


Take Advantage of Us