be a passenger…

be a passenger…

have you ever been a passenger while someone else is driving and felt like they were out of control?

But then you quickly glance at the speedometer and realize they are going the speed limit?

when you are behind the wheel, you have a different sense of the world around you, everything is in control, you know the car, you know the road and have no earthly idea why your passengers are gripping onto the the roof handle for dear life.

your customers are your passengers.

your goal is to help them have, share and experience the same sensations, emotions and reactions as you.

some call this perspective, or empathy – either way, you can not have it until you trade places with your customer. you will soon realize that their perception of your actions/messages/ideas/vision are either exaggerated or muted, but rarely ever perfectly inline.

this is why branding can seem so ethereal…it is a continual ebb and flow, balancing, adjusting, tweaking with the aim of bringing the passengers world in-line with the drivers.

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