asymmetry – the language of graphic design

asymmetry – the language of graphic design


 asym·me·try (,)ä-‘si-me-trë n : lack of balance of symmetry

obviously, asymmetry is the opposite of symmetry and refers to a graphic designer’s ability to create a composition where one dominant form or element is offset by smaller forms or elements. asymmetry is very uncommon in nature, but is often a learned or trained development (humans that are right-handed or left-handed).

asymmetry still requires a creative agency and a talented graphic designer to create a sense of harmony, which is one of the more difficult skills to acquire. asymmetrical layouts and designs require a more disciplined and analytical eye due to their unique and ever-changing spatial requirements and the graphic designer has to consistently evaluate and assess potential solutions based on spatial relationships varying from element to element within the overall design.

well executed AD designs, signage, posters, brochure designs, website designs increase the viewer’s ability to organize, differentiate and interact with a broad range of visual content.


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