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If you want to affect change, have true brand engagement and build a loyal following, you need to entertain.

The new frontier of marketing is integrated, and we are at the convergence point.

Our skill set encompasses the design and creation of effective digital advertising campaigns and social media activation, married with the design and creation of engaging, entertaining and effective content for your brand, vision and business.

But, today, what you really need is a creative partner that has values and goals that align with yours. we are a small private agency, no shareholders, or stock prices to worry about – we can make decisions that we know are good for the long term benefit of you, our communities and our people.

We want to help you invest wisely and strategically in your marketing, your brand and your business. That does not mean you always need a multi-million dollar budget to do something neat.


You have a message to share. We can get it out there. Hot Soup Media builds exceptional content and entertainment marketing campaigns that ensure you’re communicating the right message to the right people every time.

We are a creative, digital and content marketing agency centred around our clients in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Our small client pods in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are designed to deliver intimate and comprehensive support and engagement. when we partner together, YOU have our FULL attention and access to all of our resources.

We are structured around our clients and their industries, meaning you have the ability to tap into knowledge, experience, ideas and minds that are plugged into your world, but are also exposed to a much bigger playground that we test and experiment in.


noun: a comprehensive strategy and framework to deliver results online.

In the B2B space, reputation and reliability outweigh the need for instant visibility — it’s all about becoming a trusted brand.

In the short term, this means scaling your existing PPC strategy to direct traffic to key lead-generating landing pages, and capturing users with a retargeting strategy.

In the long term, it means implementing SEO to improve keyword density on your site, and incorporating targeted key phrases through content optimization.

We combine our content design, content marketing, entertainment marketing and digital advertising into one package and retained service that provides you with everything you need for success online.

Our strategic four step process (plan, strategize, implement, launch) delivers results every time.


noun: the planning, design and thoughtful construction of every communication or marketing touchpoint.

Content is anything that your audience is interacting with that your brand presents or promotes. Every interaction, message and touchpoint needs to be thoughtfully designed to ensure brand consistency, transparency and values. When it is designed well, your brand perception flourishes and become stronger. When it is done thoughtlessly, it is destructive at worst, and pointless noise at best.

As a diversified agency of systems thinkers, we are able to view the content network as a whole and determine how each piece of this system will work together to form a holistic and functional working entity. We employ our design, copy, code and strategy specialists to ensure that we design meaningful, effective and layered content and interaction touch points.


verb: to create a story around your brand, develop a content calendar and plan, design and distribute regular content for you that delivers on our marketing strategies for growing brand awareness, promoting a message or effecting change.

Having an entertainment strategy is paramount in driving brand engagement, awareness and education in a noisy and overstimulated environment. And when it comes to an entertainment strategy, branded content is the key to building and maintaining a connection with your audience.

Our goal is to determine your brand’s key messages and align them with your strategic marketing and business goals to lay the ground work for a content plan that will drive how, what and when we create and share content.

We do this by aligning copywriting, PR, design and marketing strategy expertise, which allows us to determine the language, tone, topics and audience profiles that we are trying engage.


verb: to purchase advertising or promotional space through any medium.

A media rep’s goal is to sell you ad space. Our goal is to create a measurable impact on your goals.

Our senior media buying team is experienced in managing a wide range of advertising budgets and in stretching non-profit dollars for impact and reach. We provide audience profiling, measurement analysis, target market and reach research in order to optimize the dollars you spend.

Aligning ourselves with your goals, we measure our success based on what we achieve for you, rather than how much money you spend.

If you win, we win.


verb: to plan and execute a digital media buy. To design a strategy, determine a creative direction and launch a campaign.

Conceptualizing and launching a successful digital advertising campaign requires a technical and strategic approach. This means testing each element of the campaign in order to understand which efforts are delivering results. It means engaging in a continuous process of refinement, so that the campaign is optimized to achieve its goal, whether that is awareness, revenue, membership, or more.

As a certified Google Partner, we are familiar with the digital advertising landscape. We understand what to measure and we have the reflexive speed and capability to manage intelligent decision making for any budget.


noun: a communications strategy that involves building strategic relationships, developing influencers and brand reps, and working for earned media opportunities on TV, in print and on the web.

In our pay-to-play world, developing a community of brand champions is imperative. This strategy allows you to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible and to supplement your content and advertising efforts to maximize brand exposure and results.

We use our resources, connections and skill to get the attention of channel partners and influencers. There is no magic formula here, other than knowing who to talk to, understanding what they are looking for and taking the time to call, email and follow up until we get action.

Connect with our thought leaders and their insights.

The Story Behind Our Identity

What stands between you and your audience?

The Hot Soup Media logo represents this complex relationship.

The empty circle is your audience, waiting to hear what you have to say


The line in between represents everything that can get in the way of your message being delivered: timing, distractions, temperaments


The full circle is you and your message

The full circle is you and your

The full circle is you and your

Our role is to spin that line around and become a bridge—it just takes the right approach.
The logo is yellow because while being eye-catching, yellow also beckons passersby to slow down and pay attention, because something is about to happen.

Who We Are

Hot Soup Media is a foundational member of the Hot Soup Marketing Group–an integrated collection of agencies that are designed to align our abilities and expertise with your goals.

Unlike large agencies that are beholden to stock prices and shareholders, we answer only to our teams, our clients and our communities. Small, integrated, immersed.


Whether you’re considering a new project, looking for a fresh take on work that’s been done previously, or just curious about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form to start the conversation.

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Vancouver – 778 650 0090
Toronto – 647 360 4755
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